8 Movies Set In High School to Put You in a Nostalgic Mood

What can be better than relaxing with a good movie and your favorite snack? People often are so busy in their daily lives that they can’t dedicate one evening to just watching a film and spending some quiet time with their family or friends. At the same time, it can be pretty hard to choose what to watch that would put you in a good mood.

When you think about your time in high school, you can easily get very nostalgic. This happens even to college and university students who were in high school only a couple of years ago. These are the transformative years in the life of every person, so it’s only natural to remember them from time to time. So why not take one evening to watch a movie that reminds you of that time?

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Still not sure what to watch with your friends? Here are 8 movies set in high school to put you in a nostalgic mood!

21 Jump Street

  • release year: 2012
  • genre: comedy, action

Sure, your school probably didn’t have any drug operations and undercover cops going on. Still, this film has a great quality to it, showing just enough silliness to make you miss that period! 21 Jump Street is full of humor, both innocent and adult, and it’s about two undercover cops who have to bust a local drug operation. It’s surprisingly fun to watch, especially with company!

American Pie

  • release year: 1999
  • genre: sex comedy

This is exactly the kind of good adult fun that you didn’t know you missed until now. This is a classic comedy that has become a legend in its genre. Sure, some jokes might not pass today, but it’s still nice to remember the good times! This movie has turned into a global pop culture phenomenon, so hire an essay writer for your homework and honor the tradition!

Say Anything

  • release year: 1989
  • genre: romance, comedy, drama

In case you are into older films, you might enjoy Say Anything, which shows two high school sweethearts who are together against the world. This is definitely a more serious entry on this list, showing real feelings and drama instead of endless jokes and uncomfortable situations. So, use one of the top assignment services to pay someone to write your essay and free up your evening for some reminiscence!

A Cinderella Story

  • release year: 2004
  • genre: romance, comedy

As you might have already guessed from the title, this is a twist to a classic Cinderella story. A girl gets abused by her stepmother until she meets a prince on the Internet. Two young pen pals fall in love and dream about their future together. This picture is filled with sweet 2000s nostalgia with its emails, huge phones, and strange outfits. Hillary Duff adds to this feeling!

She’s the Man

  • release year: 2006
  • genre: romance, comedy

This is a great follow-up to the previous entry on this list. Continuing with the 2000s theme, She’s the Man falls into the sports category, still telling a story of high school love. Amanda Bynes is delightfully goofy in this film, especially when she transforms into her brother and enters an elite boarding school. It’s not the best on the list, but it’s definitely nostalgic! 

The Breakfast Club

  • release year: 1985
  • genre: teen, coming-of-age, comedy drama

The Breakfast Club was released almost four decades ago, and it has already become a pop culture phenomenon. It follows the story of five students who get to know each other in detention. If you don’t want to have your own Breakfast Club and get detention as well, use an essay writing service! You won’t have to worry about bad grades and missed deadlines anymore.

Mean Girls

  • release year: 2004
  • genre: teen, comedy

This is one of those films that show that not everyone’s high school experience was great. There were always some bad days that you would rather forget, and think about the good times that you had with your friends. Don’t worry, though, you will get to see the bullies get what they deserve! Mean Girls is a great satire of every school across the country during the 2000s.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  • release year: 2012
  • genre: romance, drama

This is not one of the comedies from the 2010s that make you laugh after a couple of silly jokes. Instead, this is a serious coming-of-age picture about the struggles of young people and their attempts to grasp the reality of adult relationships. It surely can make you feel nostalgic and sad for the times when everything was much simpler and yet much more complicated.

To Sum Up

So there you have it, a list of 7 movies set in high school to make you feel nostalgic! In case you don’t have any free time, you can always pay for essay and enjoy some of these classic movies. High school is a complicated time for everybody, and the films on this list explore this period from very different angles.

Written by Monella