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Exclusive chat with 99 Percent

99 Percent are Bay Area pop-hop duo Camo and JayB. The viral stars have just released their new single ‘Till Ya Legs Hurt’, which is set to be another smash hit for the pair.

We recently had a chat with Camo and JayB about their new single, hearing their music being played on TV, their signature dance moves and what the future has in store for the pair.

Check it out below!

Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to speak to us! First off, please introduce and tell us one unusual fact about yourselves.

We go by “99 Percent”, we’re from the Bay Area, California.

JayB – Before the music I wanted to be a ninja. 

Camo – I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, even though I wasn’t that good. 

How did you form the duo and why did you choose the name 99 Percent?

We’ve been friends since middle school and started our duo once we got to high school. We chose the name “99 Percent” because there is always room for improvement. That missing 1% is the improvement that we’re striving for.

Your new track is called ‘Till Ya Legs Hurt’ – why should people go and check it out?

“Till Ya Legs Hurt” is a very upbeat dance record, so if you like to have fun this is the perfect song for you.

The video for it is wacky and fun, what was the filming process like?

We had a blast filming this music video. The crew and everybody involved was amazing to work with and we’re super satisfied with the outcome.

Aside from your own music, which songs makes you want to dance till ya legs hurt?

Definitely ‘Crank That’ by Soulja Boy

You demonstrate a lot of crazy dance moves across your music videos – do you have a favourite signature dance move?

The “Carlton Dance” from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Your song ‘Does Ya Moma Know’ has been used in ABC’s Blackish as well as The Honest Company’s diaper campaign. How does it feel to hear your music being used in different environments?

It is unreal that these huge companies want our song to be attached to their brand. We are super grateful for the opportunities. It’s the best feeling when your supporters tweet you and tell you your song is being played on TV.

Over 1700 people, including Jacob Sartorius and Liane V, made entries for your #HEYNOWCHALLENGE on Is there a particular entry that stood out for you as being the best/most creative?

Jacob and Liane’s videos were awesome. The video that touched us the most was the one created by our Team99 supporters. Over a dozen of them met up and collectively made a #HeyNowChallenge dance video.

You spent a lot of the spring with Silento and iLOVEmemphis on the ‘Let’s Dance’ tour. What was that like? There must have been a lot of competition to see who could pull out the best moves!

Honestly, everybody that was a part of that tour was dancing 24/7. We were by far the least skilled dancers but they taught us a lot of new moves.

You’ll be releasing an EP soon. What can we expect from it?

You can expect more fun records and hopefully some special collaborations.

What do you hope 2017 will have in store for 99 Percent?

We definitely want 2017 to be filled with touring, a bunch of new music, and hopefully more TV placements.


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‘Till Ya Legs Hurt’ is available now.

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