A-list celebrity makeup artist, Nicole Bryl, is making luxury red-carpet-ready skincare accessible to everyone.

Her luxury handcrafted skincare line Bryl® New York is all set to sweep the beauty industry.

The makeup and beauty industry have produced many talented individuals who have stunned the world with their work. We have amidst us one such woman entrepreneur who has carved her distinct name in the beauty and skincare industry, she is Nicole Bryl from New York whose work has made her name shine on a global platform as a celebrity make-up artist who has now turned into a successful entrepreneur with the launch of her skincare line – Nicole Bryl® New York.

It is indeed a huge achievement to shift careers from a top make-up artist to an entrepreneur, that too successfully. “the journey has not been easy and there have been bumpy roads, but what’s the fun of having success if there are no hurdles or challenges on the way, says Nicole. Her life as a make-up professional has been extremely tough as she even had early morning calls, working for sixteen hours a day and shuttling from one location to another. That has been a part of her career, and she handled it beautifully till she transitioned to another career. “I don’t think I’ve ever slept for eight long hours in my life as a beauty professional as I was always on the go at any point of time,” says the ace make-up artist turned entrepreneur.

Nicole’s journey began at the age of five when she started working as a child actor and performer. Being good at what she did, her heart was always towards transforming faces through the art of make-up. She started learning about the craft at fourteen and by sixteen she got her first assignment as a freelancer, which kick started her journey into the world of beauty and make-up.  After years of working as a beauty professional, Nicole at 42 finally decided to jump into the entrepreneurial bandwagon and launched her skincare product line. The range of products that she offers include a anti-ageing product, a face lift water which has already proven to offer many benefits and loads of other beauty products which have found a niche client base within a short period of its launch. 

Today, she has built her unique skincare product range which have given outstanding results making her brand a reliable one in the beauty industry. 

To know more about her products, visit www.nicolebrylskincare.com

Written by CelebMix