A music focused direction for 1D and their fans.

A music focused direction for 1D and their fans.

Recently there has been a LOT of drama surrounding One Direction. And their fans quite frankly are a bit sick of it.

Does it matter what the boys do in their private lives? No! Not really. They are fully entitled to a life that is private and free from scrutiny and from update accounts posting their hotel info or DM’ing insiders who then go and try meet the boys and invade their privacy. Hello that’s stalking (and a whole other post).

There have been some really great articles recently about the focus should be on the music the band makes and not the drama that surrounds their private lives.

On Twitter there is a great account which focuses solely on the music and the professional endeavours of the band.

They recently created a fantastic play list on Spotify  to celebrate the release of “Drag Me Down” and to remind fans that what really matters is the music.

So here at CelebMix  we are fully behind @OneDirectionNDA and their mission to make it all about the music and not the drama which continuously upsets and tears the fandom apart. and also lead them to create #1dFansStandAgainstBullying

The music is why the boys are here. They are insanely passionate about it and many fans would love to see insightful interviews which focus on the music. How a song is crafted, maybe a behind the scenes video where the band walks us through the creative process of how a song is written,recorded on produced. Most fans don’t care what the band looks for in a spouse or what there ideal date is. The fans care about the music, they buy it,they pay to see them live because they love seeing the boys perform the music.

So join us over on @CelebMix and tell us if your on-board with making it all about the music?


Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in black and white on Instagram. Avid Tea drinker, preferably Yorkshire Tea or Lipton Iced Tea and lover of Pop Culture. Contact: kelly@celebmix.com