Aaron Tveit – Best Vocals

There is no doubt that Mr Aaron Tveit is one of the most talented people out there right now. There are many people that will know of him – but also, many people that are not very familiar with him and his name. If you are one of those people that do not know him, we are here to help!

Aaron Tveit is an American actor and singer. He is widely known for originating the roles of Gabe Goodman in Next To Normal (2008-10) and Frank Abagnale, Jr. in Catch Me If You Can (2009) on Broadway. You may also recognize him from the highly acclaimed film adaption of Les Misérables in which he portrayed the leader of the revolutionaries, Enjolras.

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Aaron as Enjolras.

He has also taken on many other roles on Broadway; From Fiyero in Wicked to Link Larkin in Hairspray. He too, has also appeared in various TV shows. You may recognize him as being William ‘Tripp’ van der Bilt in Gossip Girl or even Zachary Boule from Ugly Betty.

Most recently – He has appeared in the American drama television series Graceland in which he was FBI agent Mike Warren, three series on and the show was sadly cancelled. This year he took on the iconic role of Danny Zuko in Grease Live, in which he did a very good job!

Now, we aim to show you his talent (if you haven’t already seen how wonderfully talented he is) – we will run you through is best vocal performances.


10. Defying Gravity WICKED studio session; featuring Rachel Tucker


Here we witness his pure talent and how well his voice blends with others, this well known and very popular song was indeed given justice.


9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Cover) Live At 54 Below

This wouldn’t normally be a type of genre Aaron would be associated with, however his voice fits perfectly with this song, the tone in his voice again helps his talent emerge.


8. I’m Alive from Next To Normal

This catchy song indeed again, does his voice justice – the talent is still indeed present.


7. When I Was Your Man (Cover) Live at 54 Below


This song fits his voice so so well, the vocal range indicated in this are highly incredible.


6. Fix You (Cover)

The pure talent clearly shines through with this highly emotive and slow song, suiting his voice incredibly well.


5. Live In Living Colour

This lively song from Catch Me If You Can, again does suit his voice very very well, his pure talent is again on show and is very evident.


4. Sandy (Grease Live)

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oBFfxy71jY


His version of this great song is indeed an incredible one, his voice fits perfectly and his vocal range does not disappoint.


3. One Song Glory; Live At 54 Below


His voice soars and fits perfectly with this song, his long and high notes are truly incredible and do not disappoint, particularly the way ‘glory’ is dragged out.


2. If I Loved You/To Make You Feel My Love (Live At 54 Below)


Once again, his pure talent is present. The high notes and the way words are dragged out, his vocals will always be amazing. Particularly the way the words ‘you’ and ‘love’ are dragged out make his incredible vocals evident.


1 . Why God Why (Miss Saigon)

Aaron sings this very well – the prolonging of the words end, this and her again demonstrate his pure talent. This fits his voice incredibly well.


There seems to be no end to Aaron Tveit’s vocals abilities and just how incredible he is! The emotion he puts into every song he sings is incredibly astounding.

What was your favourite one? Did we miss anything?

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