Adele is back… and so are the tears

Adele is back on track in the music industry with her next anticipated album coming out in less than a month. Her most recent music video reached record number of views on Vevo; and let’s just say we’re all missing a boyfriend we don’t have because of that music video.

Since the release of Adele’s new single “Hello” this past week everyone’s be dying to hear what’s next for her come back album, titled 25. Adele tweeted this past week, calling her new album a “make-up record.” She mentioned how turning 25 had her reflecting on her past and how she wished she had lived in the moment instead of wanting to be older. Adele is “making up with herself…and making up for lost time” on her new album and cannot wait for its release.

Her music video became the next Vevo record-breaker with more than 27 million views within 24 hours, and has over 142 million views in the past six days! Hello booted Taylor Swift’s video Bad Blood off the number one spot, which held the record at a whopping 20 million views. Someone has really been missin that boyfriend…

Adele’s last hit, Skyfall, was the theme song for a James Bond film back in 2013 and stayed at the top of the charts for weeks, as well as winning six Grammy Awards. She’s had a four year break since then and has finally reappeared back on the music charts.

We expect nothing less than another amazing album from Adele, with some tear-jerking melodies and fist-pumping beats per her past albums. “25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing,”Adele states, and is expected to be released on November 20th of this year.

What do you think Adele’s make-up album will be about? Watch her new music video below and tweet us what you’re thinking at @CelebMix or comment below.

Written by CelebMix