Advocacy Group Buys Ads in Support of Kesha

After a devastating day in court just over a month ago and the subsequent outcry from the public, singer-songwriter Kesha has received support from major stars in the music industry, including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato as she appeals the presiding judge’s verdict. Also showing universal support throughout have been Kesha’s fans, who have started the #FreeKesha. The hashtag was created in the hopes that it would help Kesha get her rightful freedom from her airtight contract with Sony Music and Kemosabe Records, owned by the man who has abused her for the past decade, mega producer Dr. Luke.

UltraViolet, a women’s advocacy group, has created a petition, like many other supporters, urging Sony to end their contract with Dr. Luke. The significance? UltraViolet’s petition comes in the form of ads that are currently being streamed across Pandora’s pop station. Essentially, what that means is that the public’s plead for Sony to #FreeKesha will now reach more people and spread more awareness.

Verbatim, the ads say,

“Kesha is being forced to work with Dr. Luke, her abuser, something no survivor should have to go through. Sony can #FreeKesha and take a stand against rape culture. Tell Sony to drop Dr. Luke!”

Although insiders have allegedly claimed that Sony is currently looking for ways to cut ties with Dr. Luke, no official word has been released and for the time being, Dr. Luke is still at large. The ads, however, will likely push Sony in the singer’s favor, as the public opinion of the company continues to rapidly dwindle. The judge cited “irreparable harm” to the company as the reason why she couldn’t grant Kesha’s wishes, but it seems to us that the company is only getting more and more backlash each day they keep Dr. Luke on board.

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Written by CelebMix