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Can Louis Tomlinson’s Always In My Heart Tweet Reach 2 Million on Valentines Day?

“Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis”

If you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed or like you want to put If I Could Fly, Home, 18, and Something Great on repeat – you’re definitely a fan of Larry Stylinson – the ‘ship’ name given to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

That introduction almost serves no purpose as pretty much every person, even if you don’t ship Larry, in the One Direction fandom has seen the tweet and knows the back story behind it.  The AIMH tweet marks one of the last public interaction between the two that didn’t seemed to exist with the freedom that Louis and Harry had around each other at the beginning of One Direction’s rise to superstardom.

Most fans of Louis and Harry believe this is because Louis made this declaration to Harry right before he knew things were changing – some people believe it was just a tweet sent to a friend with no hidden context – regardless, the dynamic between the two did change shortly after this, for whatever reason you believe in your heart for it to have happened.

Louis and Harry have remained, even with less interaction, one of the most talked about relationships inside of One Direction.  Their friendship and instant bond from the beginning made people believe in finding your soul-mate, even if it wasn’t in a romantic context.  All the lads in the band were close, but Louis and Harry have one of those friendships that was destined to exist.  For those fans who did (and do) believe that Louis and Harry had a romantic relationship – it made them believe in love, hope, and the promise that fate always gets it right.

On a day such as February 14th where love is celebrated across the world, it’s been the aim of One Direction fans to get the AIMH tweet to 2 million retweets – and it’s getting really, really close.

The tweet stands now as the second most retweeted tweet in history – only behind Ellen’s Oscar selfie tweet – and it only just hit 1 million retweets last February (the 22nd).  During a very hectic, rumor filled, hate campaigned 2015 – where most people believed that One Direction fans would not only give up on the band, but finally give up on Louis and Harry – it’s nice to see that the tweet grew, in less than year, what it took four years to achieve before.  Is this a testament to fans showing the importance of love and also freedom?  We think so!

No matter where you stand on the relationship between Louis and Harry, it’s nice to see fans dedicated to showing support for a tweet that does nothing but showcase love.  Always in my heart is quite a sentiment, and no matter where Louis and Harry’s roads lead them in the future – they’ll forever be connected.

If you want to join fans in sharing the message and getting it to 2 million on Valentines Day (come on, you know you want to) retweet it here.

Always in our hearts Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles . Yours sincerely, CelebMix

Written by Ashley

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