AJ Tracey and Mabel 'West Ten'

AJ Tracey and Mabel release new single ‘West Ten’

After many hints about the new AJ Tracey and Mabel music collaboration, the single is finally out now, which has us very excited.

Both pop sensations shared the big annoucement on their offical social media accounts stating how important this release was to them and they hoped their fans liked it.

In West Ten both AJ Tracey and Mabel bring the heat as they sing of how they are done waiting around for someone and they now want to move on start new. ‘Don’t you know I’m walkin’?away, Now I’m in my own space, Babe you know I ain’t waitin’ for you, And if you don’t want me to stay, Only one thing to say
Babe you know I ain’t waitin’ for you’

This is not the first time that these two have amazed us with a music collaboration, as in 2016 AJ Tracey featured in the Cadenza Remix of ‘Thinking of you’ with Mabel.

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Written by ChloeBishop