Forever Night
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Album Premiere: ET Boys Unveil Brilliant ‘Forever Night’

Nu-pop, melodic-rap duo ET Boys introduce their debut album, Forever Night, an 11-track collection of bravura music via Wake Up! Music.

The ET Boys consists of two Latino brothers, Tac Boy and Sharkeyes. Originally from Chicago and now based in Broward County, Florida, the brothers were immersed in music from day one because their mother is House vocalist and record label owner, Pepper Gomez.

The brothers’ musical education began early, starting with compulsory piano, drum, and guitar lessons, along with formal education at school. Sharkeyes has a degree in chemistry, while Tac Boy has a degree in biomedical engineering.

Collaboration commenced when Sharkeyes began to share his music with Tac Boy, who infused the tunes with lyrics and vocal melodies. Two years later, they had more than 30 songs completed. Shortly thereafter, they started working with super producer and artist Sahaj Ticotin in the studio. When the ET Boys felt they were finally ready, they released their debut single/music video, “Sober,” followed by a series of singles, amassing beaucoup streams.

Sharkeyes creates the musical matrix, including rhythms and leitmotifs. Tac Boy, a model with IMG, crafts the lyrics, sings and radiates a visceral eroticism reminiscent of Jim Morrison. Together, they are a tour de force, churning out à la mode songs seething with irresistible dynamism.

Forever Night opens with a trophy of a song, “Sober,” which drips with latent sensual energy – a pushing rhythm, stylish toplines, and the swanky vocals of Tac Boy. The blend of alt-pop and alt-rock forms a capacitor for a monstrously contagious tune.

Speaking subjectively, entry points include “Nowhere,” riding a thumping beat topped by Tac Boy’s crème de la crème vocals, forging a delicious rap-lite flow, especially on the chorus, where Sharkeyes’ gleaming sonic accents add sparkling surfaces.

The shimmering, creamy motion of “Something Love,” a low-slung, alluring song brimming with spectral gesticulations from Tac Boy’s silky-smooth voice, glides forth on intertwining, lustrous harmonics. While the slow, dark, rolling rhythm of “TakeYourGun” infuses the song with portentous textures.

Deep and ominous, the intro to “wstd” conjures up suggestions of The White Stripes and then shifts to a potent, measured hip-hop rhythm as Tac Boy’s voice imbues the lyrics with breathy timbres. The last track, “Rain Or Sunshine,” merges tints of new wave and hip-hop into a tune thrumming with hefty rhythmic pulses and percolating, luminous surfaces.

Essentially, there isn’t a lackluster track on Forever Night, an ooh la la album drenched in stylish harmonics and the posh voice of Tac Boy.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.