Greetings from Anton

Album Premiere: Everet Almond Releases ‘Greetings from Anton’

Long Island-based indie-rock artist Everet Almond introduces his second album, Greetings from Anton, which was inspired by a dream about living in an imaginary town of the same name.

Having placed his music with companies like Ford, Rolex, and NBC, Almond found himself confronting writer’s block as the pandemic began. Then as he explains, “I dreamt of living in a town called Anton during the early ‘80s. It was a booming town with an assorted cast of characters. Mr. Monroe, the local financial guru…the Anton family, Ms. Lonelyheart, a teacher. Alice Fine, an incredibly talented teenager whose life ended way too soon – the whole thing was there in my dream.”

He goes on to add, “It was quite therapeutic to be able to create this made-up town with all these made-up people living these made-up lives, all while our real-world was completely shut down with everyone quarantined. And when we finished the mixing and mastering, the real world opened back up just in time for us to play it live!”

A professional studio and touring musician, Everet Almond toured with the Good Rats, followed by playing with Gravity, opening for The Steve Miller Band’s 2003 “Rock 4 Xmas” tour, ending with him playing with Steve Miller. Prior to that, he played with The 45’s, and Bryan Scary’s Evil Arrows, followed by releasing his solo material to vast success.

Produced by Oliver Ignatius, the album’s artwork was created by Annie Kyle, featuring the ‘greetings from …’ postcards once so prominent at travel stops.

Comprising nine tracks, the album begins with “All Out Of Time,” opening on a jaunty colorful piano topping a buoyant alternative rhythm. Everet’s rich, clear voice delivers hints of Brit-rock savors as radiant harmonies give the tune glowing depth.

Entry points include “The Night Of Emmy Lou, rolling out on darker colors riding a piano-rock melody vaguely reminiscent of Billy Joel. Whereas “Alice Fine” channels flavors of The Beatles or The Kinks, offering tender, smooth vocals full of passion and indulgent sparkling feelings.

“Meet Me In The Middle” blends SoCal soft rock savors recalling early Eagles and Jackson Browne with dollops of gospel tangs, giving the tune delicious retro washes. Everet’s voice, both warm and strong, fills the lyrics with nostalgic yearning.

“Sentimental Moment Time” revs up on a compelling rhythm capped by shimmering guitars. The feel and flow of this track are infectious and uplifting. The final track, “I’m Sorry,” travels on a mid-tempo rhythm, while repentant lyrics narrate a tale of remorseful love.

Brimming with luscious retro flavors, Greetings from Anton is simultaneously tantalizing and rife with alluring rhythms and splendid vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.