Album Preview: Noveliss Teams Up with Dixon Hill on Upcoming Album – ‘Book of Changes’

Detroit-based rapper and renowned lyricist Noveliss joins forces with beatmaker/producer and composer Dixon Hill on the upcoming brand-new album, Book of Changes, which is based on the I Ching.

Book of Changes will drop November 19 via Soul Records/Fat Beats.

On their first collaboration, Noveliss and Dixon Hill constructed the tracklist for Book of Changes on the ancient text of the I Ching, mirroring the wisdom of the book. The album was conceived, written, and recorded in isolation.

Formerly known as J-Roc, Noveliss is part of the hip-hop collective, Clear Soul Forces, which signed with Fat Beats during the mid-2000s and made the world aware of their presence with the release of “Get No Better.” The group toured North America and then Europe. Noveliss decided to give more of himself, speaking at pop culture events about Nerd culture, his unique brand of Nerdcore, and his other interests.

Encompassing 10-tracks, entry points on Book of Changes include “Empty,” opening with the sounds of nature, followed by Noveliss’ delicious, velvety flow, narrating the importance of the environment. Flavored with cool hints of jazz, the harmonics slide along on cashmere hues.

“Loss For Words” rolls out on a tasty, syncopated rhythm topped by Noveliss’ tight flow, fast but not spitting and rapid-fire. There’s a melodic aspect to his delivery, making the rhymes hum. “Scheminonameanin” blends savors of jazz with hip-hop into a mist-filled melody full of fuzzy tones and Noveliss’ slightly distant flow.

A personal favorite, “Escaping” rides a luscious, creamy trip-hop beat and swirling waves of soft colors. Noveliss’ gift for lyrics parades itself on this track. The lo-fi vibes of “Cold Mountain” push out scratchy textures atop a thumping kick-drum.

The last track, “Permanent Waves,” features a mid-tempo smooth hip-hop rhythm, oscillating synths, and Noveliss’ creamy, alluring flow.

Book of Changes demonstrates the harmonic sensibility of Dixon Hill and the dazzling lyricism and lush flow of Noveliss.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.