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Album Preview | Steven Blane – ‘I Walk Alone’

Singer-songwriter Steven Blane will drop a new album, called I Walk Alone, in April. Blane wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, and played all the instruments on the album.

Blane says, “It’s been cathartic.  It’s the closet I’ve come to getting what I really have heard in my head. “I Walk Alone” is an album comprised 60’s Rock & Roll, Jazz Story Songs. And I think I sound like an old Elvis-y, Roy Orbison-y, Tom Waits-y singer-songwriter. Not too shabby at all. I’m very excited and I plan to tour to support the release.”

As young child, Blane’s life changed for good at a Knights of Pythias Talent Show, when his grandmother hoisted him up on table so he could deliver “Delilah.” The audience’s reaction to his performance shot an electrifying charge through Blane that he never got over. Later, after college, he moved to New York, where he landed a role as a guitar playing gypsy on Broadway.

While living in the Village on 8th Street, he performed locally, followed by composing an Off-Off Broadway Rock Opera. One of his songs appeared on the original Star Search. Deciding to go big, he headed for Nashville, but turned around after 100 miles. Not long after, he married and became an audio-book producer.

Blane’s sound blends elements of jazz, pop, Americana, and rock into delightful musical concoctions covering topics such as faith, love, relationships, and daydreams.  Constantly performing in the NYC area, you can find him on stage at Shine, Silvana, Pianos, Bowery Electric, Kopi, and Rockwood, along with frequent forays to Florida at Rudy’s Pub and Common Grounds.

Embracing 11-tracks the album begins with “Look Who’s Crying Now,” a tune reminiscent of Elvis and Roy Orbison, featuring a driving, contagious alt-rock melody and Blane’s velvety tenor.

Highlights on I Walk Alone include “Bottoms Up,” a jazzy piano-driven tune with tasty pop hints. Blane’s voice takes on a Billy Joel-esque flavor that’s familiar and beguiling. The title track conveys retro flavors of ‘60s rock, traveling on an infectious melody with an oozing organ that injects the tune with quixotic savors.

“Brooklyn Bridge” is a personal favorite because of its bluesy jazz aromas tinted with alt-country piquancy and a deliciously drawling guitar. The last track, “Sacred Chain,” rides a delicious pop-rock melody infused with a heady gospel frisson, both warm and alluring.

With I Walk Alone, Steven Blane demonstrates not only the captivating tones of his charming tenor, but his gift for crafting charismatic songs.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.