Album Review: Bad Suns Release "Mystic Truth" 1
Album Review: Bad Suns Release "Mystic Truth" 1

Album Review: Bad Suns Release “Mystic Truth”

Bad Suns have released their third album and it feels like a breath of fresh air — this album feels like the embodiment of spring.


Easily one of the most innovative bands in the alternative music scene, Bad Suns seem to have captured the pure essence of spring and manipulated it onto their third full-length release.

Full of magic guitar rhythms, Christo Bowman’s unmistakable vocals and seemingly dedicated to refreshing your being, finding silver linings and the search for “newness,” this album feels like all of those things at once.

Not a single song on this albums feels like anything you’ve heard before, but they sound like songs you’ve known all along.

And considering some bands can’t continuously replicate the emotions their first album gave listeners, Bad Suns’ third album is full of nothing but bangers.

So here are our top 3 songs off of “Mystic Truth,” in no particular order:

A Miracle, A Mile Away

Quit looking for love you’ve left behind / Waiting for what you’ve yet to find / Might be a miracle / A mile, a mile away

The composition and vocals on this song make this incredibly memorable. The beginning feels like you’re soaring above clouds, entering into an ethereal space. The xylophone-esque keys make this song like you’re strolling through a park on a warm summer day.

This song is the exact opposite of the album cover — it’s colorful, full of rich, vibrant colors and yells for attention. Easily the “grooviest” song off the album — we bet it’ll sound amazing when played live because it’s meant to be big and take up space.

Love By Mistake

Summer breeze / Dancing trees by the lake / Telling me about your latest heartache / With sudden ease / We laugh it off, as it begins to rain / I feel it

Ugh, we’re suckers for Bad Suns’ iconic sound — and this song is everything we love about Bad Suns rolled into one. Accidentally falling in love with someone as easily as the rain falls? Count us in.

With bird sounds, keys that feel good and happy, this song is a spring ANTHEM. It just captures the emotion of the song so well — sometimes the lyrics and music are telling us two different stories, but this is not one of those times. This song won’t deceive you and we appreciate it, Christo.

Darkness Arrives (and Departs)

That’s where you’re wrong / The future’s in only our hands / Isn’t that mad?

This song is shockingly intoxicating — the complete translucence allows for this to easily be one of the best songs off the album.

The underlying synthesizer makes this a song you lazily sway to, a song you listen to when you’re staring out your window, a song you listen to when you’re driving alone at night.

Simply put: this is a beautiful song and it made us feel things.


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