Album Review: Bruno Mars, ’24K Magic’

After four years of patient waiting, Bruno Mars has broken his hiatus and reemerged into reality again. On November 18th, 2016, Bruno Mars put out his fifth studio album. That’s right, his FIFTH piece of magic (pun intended). Even though Bruno hasn’t put out music in a long time, this album proves just how immortal his music is. He is one of those artists that appeals to all ages and whose music will stay relevant for generations to come.

This new album, entitled 24K Magic, contains a total of 9 tracks. The songs all have a funky, soulful, classic feel to them and contain techniques and styles from many different music eras. Bruno Mars makes music that is fun to listen to. Fun to dance to. Yes, some of his songs on the album are slower and more sentimental, but most of the songs are upbeat and will put a ginormous smile on your face every listen.

Bruno Mars released his first single off of the album, called “24K Magic”, on October 6th, which sent the world into a frenzy. Although, he didn’t stop there. He then released his second single off the album, on November 3rd, called “Versace On The Floor”. In combination, both songs were the perfect preview, and teaser, for the album release. One song having a 90s-esque funk to it and the other song being intimate and personal.

Besides the two singles, one of our favorite songs is “Chunky”. “Chunky” is such an energetic, groovy song. We especially love the chorus where Bruno sings “Chunky, lookin’ for them girls with the big old hoops! That drop it down in daisy dukes!” The lyrics are such an anthem to any and all girls who just want to get down.

Another favorite for us was “That’s What I Like”. This song combined sweet harmonies with a deep backing beat and talked about anything and everything expensive. Once again, this song is so much fun to groove to and sing along to. It would be no surprise if Bruno made this track his next single.

Bruno has really come back into the music industry with full force. He just performed “24K Magic” on the American Music Awards (November 20th) and he is even set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday, November 30th. He is also going to be a guest on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. We can only hope he sings all of his top hits, plus “24K Magic” and “Chunky” from his new album. To top all of that off, he has a world tour planned for 2017 and of course we will be in attendance.

Overall, this album is something we like! (Okay, we’ll stop with the puns now) Bruno Mars has put out an outstanding record that has brought the world together again through some funky beats and dance. Now what could be better than that? We are really feeling this new era of Bruno and we can’t wait to see what’s to come from such an amazing artist. If this album is what a four year break produces, then we will wait eight years! Okay, we probably couldn’t wait that long, but you get the point.

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Written by CelebMix