Album Review: CNCO Release Primera Cita

Following their epic time on La Banda, the guys of CNCO have finally released their debut album — Primera Cita. 

 Album Review: CNCO Release Primera Cita 2

If you haven’t heard of CNCO yet, it’s time to get caught up. And considering their run on La Banda was one of the greatest things to happen to television, we’ve been waiting for CNCO’s album.

But with small reminders of how funny, charismatic, and charming they all are (as individuals and as a group), many fans were anxious to get their hands on Primera Cita. And this album doesn’t disappoint — it manages to encompass everything that makes CNCO great. With beats and lyrics that play on the free-spirit attitudes, with a constant need to dance along (WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU “REGGAETON LENTO”), and with AMAZING vocals, Primera Cita is definitely an album that will be receiving recognition in Latin American music.

All 14 tracks on this album are in Spanish, but we get to hear some English parts — including the bridge in “Reggaeton Lento.” And considering most musical artists want to continue to challenge themselves, we would enjoy some English-based songs.

Two-thirds of this album are upbeat – dance tracks that make you want to jump around. They’re catchy and have diverse rhythms. We wouldn’t be surprised if you heard some of these songs being played in nightclubs soon. These songs are genius guys, believe us.

But one of the biggest surprises on this album was the number of love-related tunes. With songs like “Luz,” “Cien,” and “Cometa,” we get to see the soft, romantic sides of CNCO. And fans are loving these songs.


We also got three new music videos — “Para Enamorarte,” “Cien,” and “Quisiera.” You can watch those below:

And somehow, the guys of CNCO continue to make some really awesome music videos? But we don’t understand how that’s even possible?

And considering they’ve been going to several different cities to promote the album, we’re pretty sure everyone’s been excited to hear them live. But even more than that — the guys of CNCO have been meeting fans in all of these cities as well! They’ve been doing meet and greets in Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles — and hundreds have gotten the opportunity to meet CNCO. Let’s be real here: how many of your favorite artists would give you a show and then meet the entire audience?

CNCO are down-to-earth and we’re very excited to see what they surprise us with next. (But we’re sort of hoping it’s a tour.)

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