Review: DNCE’s self-titled album, ‘DNCE’

Energetic. Spunky. Fun. Unique. What do all of those words describe? No it’s not Michael Clifford’s hair or an episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. It’s DNCE’s debut album!

On November 18th, 2016, breakout artists, DNCE, released their self-titled, debut album. Complete with 14 tracks and a cool, but also strange album cover, this record is a hit. Members Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle have really created a piece of art.

The album actually only has 11 new songs as there are three very familiar songs adorning the track list. Those songs include the ultimate hit, “Cake By The Ocean”, the sweet tune, “Toothbrush”, and “Pay My Rent”. These three songs were all off of the SWAAY-EP which DNCE put out in 2015.

As said by many reviews, this album has an electro, disco, funk feel to it. And we completely agree. Many of the songs are super upbeat and have intriguing pop choruses. DNCE has almost made its own brand or style of music. It is almost hard to describe the album. The best adjective we can think of is, DNCE. If that makes any sense. Simply, this album perfectly represents who DNCE is and what they are all about. We also can’t forget to mention how crazy Joe Jonas’s vocals are! Those falsetto notes send us into a frenzy of emotions every time.

“Body Moves” was released, before the album was, on September 30th. This 70s pop song became a worldwide hit real fast. The track got so much success after the band teamed up with Victoria’s Secret for a very sexy video. Even the original music video for the song is very hot, sensual, and very DNCE. This band is breaking musical barriers with this song and now with their whole album.

In addition to the plethora of upbeat jams, there are a couple slow songs such as “Truthfully” and “Almost”. These songs really show the sentimental side to the band and just how real they are. As said by the album description,”The aching “Almost” and “Truthfully” showcase a band with real-and perhaps surprising- layers.”

Some of our favorite songs off of the album are their self titled song, “DNCE”, “Be Mean”, and “Naked”. Each of these songs have almost a Maroon 5 feel to them alongside an array of wild beats and the occasional kazoo we all know and love. When DNCE goes on tour, we can only hope these songs are in the lineup.

In our opinion, we are loving this new record. Every part of it is unique, fun, crazy, and timeless, just like the band’s aesthetic. DNCE is pushing the boundaries of modern music all while remaining individualistic and stylistic. They are ignoring the haters, doing what they love to, and embracing their career every step of the way which is so admirable and inspiring for many young and upcoming artists. DNCE is still a very new band, but we can tell, by this album, that they have a long career of excitement and success ahead of them.

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Written by CelebMix