ALBUM REVIEW: Hinds, 'The Prettiest Cure'

ALBUM REVIEW: Hinds- ‘The Prettiest Curse’

Sanding down the rough guitar sounds of their garage- rock back catalogue, Madrid’s all-female rock outfit Hinds deliver a cohesive and welcoming collection of pop anthems on their third album, ‘The Prettiest Curse’.

Having endured a labyrinth of harsh criticism since their inception, the group’s cool swagger and f**k you attitude is propelled like never before as they remain refreshingly buoyant in the face of such unfounded comments, on this fiery fiesta of eccentricity.

‘The Prettiest Curse’ is the follow-up to 2018’s ‘I Don’t Run’ and presents a new twist in the tale as the band widens their soundscape with unwavering success. From the bopping funk bass trails of the album’s opener ‘Good Bad Times’ to the lyrical backhand on ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’, Hinds are turning heads as a new element in the pop tapestry and a cataclysm in the status quo of popular music.

‘Boy’ offers up grating basslines likened to The Strokes and ‘Come Back And Love Me <3’ is a slick medley of acoustic bliss, while ‘This Moment Forever’ props sedative vocals up against hazy guitar hooks in a euphoric nirvana.

Whether Hinds are wielding grunge growls or pop flare, the result is a palatable delight, and we will most definitely be back for more.

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Written by Alister

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