Album Review: Jez Dior, Handle with Care

Jez Dior recently released his album Handle with Care, an empowering body of work that tracks the past twenty-seven years of his life.

Handle with Care is largely a biographical album, that tells the story of Jez’s life so far. The son of the son of British rocker Steve Dior, Jez grew up surrounded by his father’s addiction, which, led to his own substance abuse. Handle With Care chronicles the pain of his struggle, his battles with depression, heartbreak, death, and psychological trauma.

The album sounds like it’s quite a heavy listen that could potentially trigger some listeners with the subject matter it deals with, but it’s a really empowering and ultimately hopeful body of work. It’s Jez’s truth!

The album features the single Nobody Knows.

Through the 11 tracks on the album, tracks like  Rock Bottom and Cocaine are brutally honest.

The entire album gives you a really clear idea of the place Jez was in mentally and emotionally while writing and recording, and how he’s turned his own struggles into something that could clearly become something listeners going through similar things can relate to.

Jez has recently gotten sober, his album is proof that you can use your own personal struggles and make a hard-hitting record, that fundamentally empowers others to reach out and get help.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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