Jez Dior releases new single “Nobody Knows” ft. Jackson Guthy.

Jez Dior releases new single “Nobody Knows” ft. Jackson Guthy. Having opened for the likes of Chance the Rapper and collaborated with friends like G-Eazy early in his career, Jez has taken the musical influences of his life, including his father,punk rock legend Steve Dior, and has used them to mould a harmonious blend between hip-hop, pop, and rock.

He has gained recognition charting at #1 on HypeMachine several times before. Over the past few years, he independently released a slew of mixtapes and EPs, including Scarlett SageThe Funereal and most recently, 2016’s Youthanasia. Across these projects, he has unleashed a string of underground hits, including fan-favourite “Old No.7” [feat. G-Eazy], which cracked 6 million Spotify streams as “Leather” and “Heroin” both surpassed the 2-million mark.

Jez will release his debut studio album later this year.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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