ALBUM REVIEW: Lady Antebellum’s Heart Break

Lady Antebellum are back with a bang having released their seventh album Heart Break last Friday (9 June). They decided to take a short break after the completion of their “Wheels Up” tour in 2015 to concentrate on solo projects. Heart Break is, therefore, the group’s first studio album in three years and to no surprise, the release has delighted fans around the world.

Lady Antebellum formed back in 2006 and have had no shortage of success since then. Their first four studio albums hit the top spot on the US Country Charts. 747 and their Christmas album On This Winter’s Night both narrowly missed this, reaching number two on the chart. As well as this, the group have had a range of number ones in the US. These include “American Honey”, “Need You Now”, and “Just A Kiss”.

The group have also received a total of fifty-two awards over the years. These include nine American Country Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards and seven Grammys.

Lady Antebellum’s latest album features thirteen songs and is a real throwback to their earlier releases. The album really feels like the group have gone right back to their roots and indulged in the soft, country sound which made their first albums so special.

The lead single from the album was “You Look Good” which was released earlier this year. It has such a catchy tune which you cannot help but sing along to, making it the perfect song for their comeback.

You can check out the video for “You Look Good” below:

The first song on the album “Heart Break” is without a doubt the summer song of this album. With a catchy hook and chorus, fans will be singing along to this in no time. As well as this, “This City” and “Think About You” are both feel-good songs with up-tempo beats which are sure to get you up dancing and singing along. With the group currently at the start of a worldwide tour, we can just imagine the audience having such an amazing time singing along to these songs.

Another song which is super catchy is “Good Time To Be Alive”. This has such a laid back feel and the music cuts out toward the end. We just know this is going to get everyone clapping and singing along at shows. As well as this, “Teenage Heart” is also very catchy and is probably the track with strays most from the country genre. It definitely has a pop, folk feel to it.

“Somebody Else’s Heart” is a standout and has taken us right back to the group’s earlier songs. It just has that special something that the group have become so well known for.

You can listen to the audio for “Somebody Else’s Heart” below:

In contrast to this, there are also a number of ballads on the album. “Hurt” is the first proper ballad on the album and probably the one which stands out the most. The lyrics and melody on this track are beautiful and it is magic to listen to. In addition to this, “Army”, “Big Love in a Small Town”, and “Home” also have beautifully written lyrics which really speak to the heart.

This final song on the album, “Famous”, is another standout. The track sounds slightly different to the rest of the album but in a good way and parts of the song are giving us so many Lana Del Ray vibes.

Overall, this album is full of incredible songs, with a mix of up-tempo catchy tracks and slower ballads. The stunning lyrics and impressive vocals make this a must listen for any country fan out there. Even if you are not necessarily into country music, this album might surprise you.

The full Heart Break tracklist is as follows:

“Heart Break”

“You Look Good”

“Somebody Else’s Heart”

“This City”



“Think About You”

“Good Time To Be Alive”

“Big Love in a Small Town”

“The Stars”

“Teenage Heart”



RATING: 4.5/5

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

I'm Lynn - a writer, accountant and lover of all things music (especially a good boyband). Twitter: @xxitslynn