Track By Track Album Review: Loïc Nottet – Selfocracy

From the minute we heard Loïc Nottet on the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 stage, we knew he was a vocal superstar. He represented Belgium in Vienna, Austria, singing “Rhythm Inside”. He came fourth in the grand final, and we have been waiting for him to release his debut album ever since.

In recent years, he has placed the best for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest, although Blache is hoping to beat his placing this year, with her song “City Lights“. He also previously took part in The Voice Belgique, where he came second in the third series.

From the album, he has released a single and an instant grat single. The former, “Million Eyes”, was a chart success in Belgium as well as France, and deserves a lot more recognition than it received. He later followed it up with “Mud Blood”, which was an instant download for those of you who pre-ordered the album; the song helped to establish how incredibly talented Loïc Nottet is, and this is definitely an album we will love forever, and one we will repeatedly play in the coming months.


What really makes this album astonishing, is the title opening track where we hear Loïc Nottet talk about mirrors and reflections. “Selfocracy” track hits deeply and emotionally as we hear a speech which will forever be remembered. It’s hauntingly impactful, and could easily be a Halloween theme park ride track. A brilliant way to open the album.

Mud Blood

Then “Mud Blood” kicks in and this instant grat single was definitely an obvious choice to promote the album. Loïc Nottet’s vocals are pure perfection on this, as well as technically brilliant. This guy is a superstar in the making. The song is catchy and upbeat; one song we want to see performed live.


“Team8” is a gorgeous soulful song that is full of heart. Loïc Nottet ropes us in from the start, campaigning for us all to become a member of team8. It’s a powerful pop song that reminds us a little of “Rhythm Inside”, he’s Eurovision song. It contains great rhyming lyrics, while his vocal technicality melts our hearts; it’s only taken him two songs.

Dirty (feat. Lil Trip)

This one is quite different to the rest of the album, but that shows his versatility. Once again, his vocals are outstanding and full of so much emotion. Lil Trip adds a rap that easily stands out, he truly brings it and puts his signature on this song – keep your eye on Lil Trip. The song unleashes goosebumps on all its listeners, and the crisp vocals definitely gave us chills.

Million Eyes

This was the first official single from the album, and it’s no surprise this was chosen as the follow-up to his Eurovision song “Rhythm Inside”. It showcases the direction Loïc Nottet has taken, whilst still including elements of the song that we all fell in love with. “Million Eyes” is more of an emotional power ballad that is completely beautiful from start to finish. His vocals are outstanding, once again. How this amazing singer-songwriter isn’t a full-blown global superstar, we do not know; yet, with a stunning voice like this he deserves worldwide credit.

A beautiful music video was released for this first single. Directed by Zeb Daemen, the visual is a pure performance piece that includes a solo dance choreography, where Loïc Nottet proves himself as a vivid emotional performer, interpreting his own song and the meaning behind it, into an intricate dance sequence that easily portrays all that he is feeling. It’s as powerful as it is sexy as we watch him dance in the water. This song becomes so much more thanks to the visual; it blows us away and leaves us speechless everytime we watch it.


This is an album we don’t want to end, but by the time we reach “Whisperers”, the song reminds us that we’re halfway through already. This is track six of the album and is a progressive song; more of an interlude. It is a subtle ballad which still gives us Loïc Nottet’s unbelievable voice, is there anything this guy can’t sing? As the song title suggests, it’s quite haunting with a whispering sound. Yet, becomes extremely strong at the end, be prepared.

Poison (feat. Shogun)

“Poison” is one of a few tracks that have a long instrumental introduction. This one lasts for almost a minute before Loïc Nottet’s crisp voice cuts in out of nowhere, fully exploring his incredible vocal range, which launches out of the stratosphere. His vocal trills are magnificent all the way through this song and completely controlled. Shogun adds an explosion verse to this already fired-up track.


Track eight is “Cure”, which runs on well after “Poison”. Loïc Nottet announces, in the song, that: “My voice can sound weird.” Yet, we totally disagree with him, you have a talent beyond any other male singer we can think of. Your voice is not weird, it’s absolutely incredible. This album is about fighting back, and maybe someone has told him in the past that his voice is weird, but the haters will hate because now he has dropped an album like no other. This song is his cure, our cure, and a brilliant way to fight back against the people who told him that he’ll never make it. This track will inspire us all to go after our dreams and leave those haters behind.

Wolves (feat. Raphaella)

It’s time to howl. “Wolves” is a fun and different track that is full of soul. Loïc Nottet and Raphaella actually blur the lines between singing and howling whilst 100% controlling it throughout. The female vocals from Raphaella aren’t strong, yet adds a little twist to the song, allowing Loïc Nottet to empower the alpha male vocal. What’s unique about this one, though, is the enchanting harmonies from these two amazing artists. Just wow.

Hungry Heart

So far, this album has been astronomical; and just when we thought we have heard everything Loïc Nottet could possibly bring to this album, he gives us “Hungry Heart”. It’s an unexpected explosion of vocal ability within a pop song. Not an easy song to sing, he impresses us completely and effortlessly. His vocal transitions are off the radar and he stuns us, once again.

Peculiar and Beautiful

Linking back to the introduction song “Selfocracy”, we hear another incredible speech from this artist. It follows up on what he previously said, building on reflections and mirrors, expanding on the themes through the music we have just heard. It shows how much he has learned, from the songs on the album, and introduces the final song. He proclaims: ‘Be you. Simply you. That’ll be enough. Believe me’.


Outro song “Mirror” just ends us. An amazingly crisp vocal, it wraps up the album perfectly. Subtle links with other songs from the album, whilst including similarities to his Eurovision song “Rhythm Inside”. It’s completely impactful, as he encourages us to ‘break that glass’, to not let reflections overrule us. Be yourself, be you, be no one else. Loïc Nottet ends the album incredibly; he’s an inspiration to us all.

Overall thoughts on Loïc Nottet’s “Selfocracy” album

Honestly, this album is completely incredible. We have to admit that we thought Ed Sheeran’s “÷ (Divide)” would be the best album of 2017, but Loïc Nottet’s debut album is just as remarkable whilst being in a totally different league.

He’s a vocal powerhouse that makes us hope that he ends up collaborating with JoJo, Alessia Cara, or Leah McFall,

one day. Every single track on this album is complete and impressive. They’re all uniquely catchy and shows Loïc Nottet’s versatility.

This is a faultless debut album, which is available to download and stream right now. One we can’t recommend enough. “Selfocracy” has just proven why Loïc Nottet should’ve won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download or stream this album now.

In promotion of the album, Loïc Nottet is set to go on a European tour. Make sure you catch him at one of the following shows before all the tickets sell out. He has had to add extra shows in Belgium since his events have been selling out.

  • 22 April – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (Sold Out)
  • 23 April – Ancienne Belgique (Extra Concert), Brussels, Belgium (Sold Out)
  • 27 April – Bush Hall, London, UK
  • 2 May – Rockhal, Belval, Luxembourg (Sold Out)
  • 3 May – Le Trianon, Paris, France (Sold Out)
  • 5 May – Thônex Live, Thônex, Switzerland
  • 8 May – Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 9 May – Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany
  • 11 May – Frannz Club, Berlin, Germany
  • 13 May – Plaza Klub, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 26 May – Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
  • 25 November – Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (Sold Out)
  • 26 November – Forest National (Extra Concert), Brussels, Belgium

What do you make of Loïc Nottet’s debut album “Selfocracy”? Are you a fan, as much as we are? Will you be seeing him on his European tour? Tell us all your thoughts and how excited you are to see him live on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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