Album Review: Mala Noche, Julian Lamadrid

Mala Noche is Julian Lamadrid’s debut album. It has 12 tracks and features his singles Mess and Red Car. Julian signed with Arista Records earlier this year and is an artist we’ve fallen in love with.

Critics have been keen to label Julian and his music and have decided that he is a “pop synth” artist. A label that does a total disservice to Julian and to what he has created with Mala Noche. As a collective body of work, we don’t think it fits under any label. It has a track for every music lover and dabbles with many musical genres.

You cannot compare Julian to any other artist in the charts at the moment. He’s unique and so is his album Mala Noche which translates to ‘bad night’, feels as if you have sort of connection to the singer’s brain, as you listen to it and are privy to a stream of conscious pouring out of him. And then set to widely different beats. You could be commuting to work, having a long soak in the bath or doing homework, and you are sure to find a track on the album that will fit your mood.

It’s an unapologetic collection of songs that just scream and shout the talent Julian has as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Standout tracks for us on the album include Bleed, Red Car, Die Young and Sound of Lightening and the closing track Noche, which rounds off the listening experience nicely, and has your hand hovering over the replay button so you can listen again.

It’s a beautiful album, that’s a very easy listen, and is one we can see us having in our collection for years to come, now all we need is for Julian to tour the album in the UK!

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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