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Album Review: Morgan Evans – ‘Things That We Drink To’

Country artist Morgan Evans has recently released his highly anticipated debut album, titled ‘Things That We Drink To.’ The album is a collation of eleven original songs written by the talented singer and song-writer.

His album is a reflection on the journey he has been on since his move to Nashville from Australia. Throughout the album, a country-pop sound is imminent and the album highlights his talent as a respected artist within the country music scene.

Among the eleven original tracks that feature on the album is his debut US Number One single, ‘Kiss Somebody,’ along with other hits such such as ‘Me on You,’ ‘I Do’ and ‘Young Again.’ The album also features a collaboration with Kelsea Ballerini, Morgan’s wife.

Morgan Evans has won numerous awards, secondary to his hard work and musical talent. He has also embarked on a recent headline tour, performing in cities around America, also supporting several other music artists. He is currently supporting Chris Young on his ‘Losing Sleep World Tour’ and is set to take to the road again with Old Dominion on their upcoming tour in the US in January 2019.

Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed Morgan Evans’ album ‘Things That We Drink To.’ Keep reading to check out our review!

The album opens with track ‘American,’ which is the perfect introduction to the album and sets the precedent for the remainder of the album. The track truly conveys the power of love and lyrically is an extremely clever track. The track also has clever references, including ‘hair as gold as Kansas wheat’ and ‘her body moves like Bourbon Street.’

‘Kiss Somebody’ was Morgan’s debut single and this truly gave his listeners a chance to perceive his music sound. This track ultimately speaks about living in the moment. ‘Kiss Somebody’ is an upbeat, up-tempo track and the official music video for the track was released several months ago, amassing over two million views on YouTube.

The introduction to ‘We Dream’ is quite the contrast to the rest of the tracks and with an acapella choir at the beginning of the track, ‘We Dream’ suddenly bursts into a completely different sound and lyrically conveys the message of dreaming to escape reality. Having a choir featuring on this track truly gives ‘We Dream’ a unique edge.

‘Things That We Drink To’ is one of the more stripped back tracks on the album and has a particular emphasis on Morgan’s vocals. This is an extremely nostalgic and heart-wrenching track, a track in memory of his late Manager, who heartbreaking died in a motorcycle accident. Morgan truly keeps his Manager’s memory alive through this poignant and emotional track.

‘I Do’ and ‘Me On You’ both have a catchy beat throughout and focus on main theme of love. Both tracks are absolutely beautiful and in particular, ‘I Do’ is no doubt a dedication to his wife Kelsea Ballerini, who features on a later track on the album. These tracks are both extremely captivating and are equally both fantastic.

‘Everything Changes’ is quite possibly one of the most relatable tracks on the album. One of the stand-out lyrics from the track is: ‘I had a couple heartbreaks, made my share of mistakes’ and describes the feeling of falling in love and just like every other track on the album, is lyrically fantastic and conveys how much things can change over time after falling in love.

The next track on the album is ‘Dance With Me’ (featuring Kelsea Ballerini). Hearing the couple’s voices together is indescribable and their voices beautifully compliment each other and the rawness of their vocals is captured. ‘Dance With Me’ is relatively stripped back and focuses on the duo’s vocals – we love this track!

‘Day Drunk’ is Morgan’s second single and prior to the album’s release, the track had already received millions of streams on-line, being described by ‘Rolling Stone’ as “one of the 10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week.” Just like other tracks on the album, this is another lyrically exceptional track.

‘Song for the Summer’ is, as the title of the track suggests, the perfect summer anthem! We love the fun nature of this track and lyrically, the track is a nostalgic reflection on the summer months. The guitar bridge in this track is very impressive and this is another catchy track, particularly the chorus section.

‘Young Again’ is a great track to wrap up a fantastic album release. The track maintains a fantastic beat throughout and will inevitably leave you in a ‘feel-good’ mood after listening to the track. Lyrically, the track conveys the message of living in the moment, having fun and enjoying the younger days.

Overall, ‘Things That We Drink To’ represents a fantastic debut album release for Morgan Evans – we love the album and his music sound!

You can buy ‘Things That We Drink To’ on iTunes by clicking here. The album can be streamed on Spotify through the link below and is also available to purchase from other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster