ALBUM REVIEW: The Shires’ ‘Accidentally On Purpose’

The UK’s fastest selling country music act The Shires are currently gearing up for the eagerly anticipated release of their third studio album ‘Accidentally On Purpose‘. The LP is the follow up to the duo’s breakout debut ‘Brave‘, and record breaking sophomore ‘My Universe‘.

The new record is being lead by the number 1 county hit single ‘Guilty‘, and will be supported with a massive UK tour next month and into June.

Here we review the new album from The Shires; ‘Accidentally On Purpose’ in full ahead of its April 20th release:

The album kicks off with ‘The Hard Way’ which starts with Ben Earle’s stunning solo vocal before Crissie Rhodes arrives to showcase her sublime vocals. They then come together to create a supreme harmony that creates a beautiful sound. It’s a really gorgeous ballad that leads to a hand-clapping, sing-a-long chorus with a message of “what could have been”.

Up next is ‘Echo’ which is a massive toe-tapping pop infused country hit that is going to be a stellar moment during the tour. It has a huge injection of fun and the hand claps, and oh, oh, oh’s make it a brilliant sing-a-long track that is a real highlight on the new record. This is up there with the likes of ‘A Thousand Hallelujahs‘ from the ‘My Universe’ LP.

At number three is the huge hit single ‘Guilty’ which is another dose of pure pop-country that The Shires are famous for creating. It’s a brilliant track that makes you want to get up and dance to. This is the style that the duo are best at and they have created another stellar single with this track. It’s easy to see why it was picked as the first release off their latest album.

At number four is the stunning ballad ‘Sleepwalk’ which is one of the best songs on the whole record and is a real contender to become one of their most note worthy releases. For me this would be the ideal next single as it’s completely different to ‘Guilty’ and has a touch of Lady Antebellum to it.. It’s gorgeously stripped back and the acoustic feel and country guitar vibes combined with Crissie and Ben’s sublime harmony make this is a real standout on ‘Accidentally On Purpose’.

Up next is the title track ‘Accidentally On Purpose’ which is a wonderful track that opens with Crissie’s stripped back solo vocals before Ben comes in to create a playful tune that is about when Rhodes wanted to stay in Nashville rather than flying home to the UK after meeting a man. It’s unclear whether the couple are still together but either way their relationship is always going to be a huge part of our lives as it has created this truly sensational song.

Next up is ‘Stay The Night’ which which is a lyrical masterpiece which is no surprise considering it was written by songwriting genius Ed Sheeran, that opens with Earle’s rich solo vocals overlaying a simple guitar riff. It then builds to a soaring chorus with both Ben and Crissie singing together to create a soothing, heartfelt ballad. This is a real highlight of the new record and will be a very special moment when they sing it live during their UK tour this May and June.

At number seven is the track ‘Ahead Of The Storm’ which starts with a stunning, simple acoustic guitar riff. This is a real throwback to The Shires’ earlier sounds on ‘Brave’ and it showcases their stunning vocal abilities. It’s a beautiful song that includes heartfelt, sombre lyrics and a beautiful message of everlasting love.

Up next is ‘Speechless’ which is a stunning, piano heavy ballad that opens with Rhodes’ sublime solo vocals that create a spine-tingling moment on the LP. Her vocals have a slight crack to them which only adds to the supreme lyrics. This is one of my favourites on the album and I love that both Ben and Crissie are given equal time to showcase their own voices before coming together to create a sensational harmony.

At number nine is the massive ‘River Of Love’ which after several stunning ballads is a welcome addition of some pop-country. It has a huge chorus and brilliant, catchy verses that get stuck in your head after one listen. This is a real radio friendly tune that will no doubt do very well if released as an official single. It’s a real highlight on the LP and it yet again has shades of Lady Antebellum which a very big compliment indeed.

The tenth track on the record is ‘Strangers’ which seems to be another track about that special someone Crisse met in Nashville last year while recording this new album. It’s a simple track that has a mix of ballad verses that build to a pop infused, a sing-a-long chorus. It’s a sensational track and Ben and Crissie’s voices sound beautiful together.

The penultimate song on the LP is ‘World Without You’ which is sensational track that starts out as stripped back ballad about not wanting to be without that someone special. It then builds to a massive chorus that has a real live-feel vibe to it. This is going to be a real highlight in their new tour set and it brings together everything I adore about The Shires on one track.

‘Accidentally On Purpose’ comes to close with ‘Loving You Too Long’ which is another piano heavy track that is so sonically simple yet so genius in its simplicity.  It’s a beautiful song to end the record on as it brings together all the sounds and styles of the whole LP on one track to create a breathtaking ballad.


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Written by Laura Klonowski

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