Alex Gaudino and Dyson Kellerman lend their chops to Allegra’s ‘Do What I Want’

This is hot off the press – legendary DJs/producers Alex Gaudino and Dyson Kellerman have remixed the fire new track that is blowing up TikTok, Allegra’s ‘Do What I Want’.

Who wants a new pop star to get their pearly whites into? One that has a pinch of Ariana Grande here, a sprinkle of Drake there, and a whole lot of sass to call her very own? One who’s earned the honour of being remixed by some of the hottest names in dance music right now? One who’s racked up well over 350k views of her latest video for ‘Do What I Want’, earned a hot spot on the BBC’s flagship music show ‘Playlist’, and can currently be seen covering – in so much style – Rollacoaster magazine’s autumn/winter 2020 issue? 

Oh, and did we mention she’s only 18? This hot young pop thing is Allegra, the Brit singer-songwriter-and-then-some who’s been on lots of people lips for four years already, what with her debut single ‘All About Us’ being all over 2019’s socials, downloads and Billboard Dance Chart – not to mention her much lauded covers of hits by Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and co. But it’s this, ‘Do What I Want’, her feel-good pop anthem for our bonkers times, that has really sealed the deal. 

‘Music is a very tough industry and a lot of people are trying to enter the pop scene,’ she tells music and fashion bible, Rollacoaster. ‘But I think you just need to stay true to who you are as an artist.’

‘Do What I Want’ is bold, kicky, fresh. The Gaudino/Kellerman remix is a slice of perfect dance-pop. There are disco-happy hand claps, it has a hook that keeps on keeping on, and a video that delivers all the feel-good schmaltz you ever dreamed of (pink berets, glitter baths and yellow rubber ducks, anyone?) And it’s a kick up the backside to all that’s sucked about this year in all its triumphant, self-assured, fun-packed, catchy-as-hell pop-sugar magic. Oh and if you’re wondering, ‘Allegra’ means joy. Which is just perfect. 

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Written by Emma

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