Alexander Komaritsyn: On Expanding “ImageModel” and Creating Integrated Solutions in the Hospitality Industry Market

Alexander’s company “ImageModel” speaks to his inner passion for revolutionizing the hospitality industry by constructing a platform where like-minded people can connect to social experiences. Alexander has organized, managed, and hosted several events across New York and the Hamptons, which allowed him to build extensive connections and expand his network with successful individuals from different industries. With substantial experience in integrating IT, marketing, business development, product management in the B2B & B2C segment, Alexander is confident in taking his venture to the next stage of growth. 

Since 2008, Alexander has been participating in several web and mobile-based projects that set the trajectory for ImageModel. Based out of New York, it seeks to provide a seamless digital platform for brands to directly collaborate with talents and models for their exposure, traffic increase and marketing needs. His company has been carving out innovative solutions to cater to certain restrictions.The onset of the global pandemic pushed him and his team to work out strategies that ensure safe distancing without compromising the quality and deliverance of the event. Only a few digital competitors offer features as distinctive as their “stay social” events which adjust for social distancing limitations at various hospitality establishments. Apart from setting up a successful digital platform, Alexander also runs a successful boutique company that specialises in a range of services such as event production and management, high-end concierge, content creation, marketing etc. More recently, Alexander with his partners successfully executed a series of events in 2021 whereby patrons could enjoy live DJ music, various performances and entertainment, and elevated dining experience. 

Alexander seeks to promote and build a lifestyle brand that rests upon the idea of BLOYD- “Be Lord of Your Destiny.” Alexander has a few pending goals lined up which he hopes to achieve. These include providing a product that adds value and appeals to his target consumers. Quality customer service has always stood top-most in his list of priorities.“It’s important to see your customers happy and satisfied. I learned that while working in the event industry and use the same principles at ImageModel.” He hopes to incorporate valuable feedback that would help in producing consumer-friendly outcomes. We wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavours!

Written by Monella