Alex Parker & Alexandra Stan Releases “Synchronize” Music Video

A whole new surprise collaboration dropped today between Alex Parker and Alexandra Stan. “Synchronize” is one of those songs that will creep into your head and it will stay there all day. A music video for the song was dropped on the Roton Romania YouTube Channel.

The Criss Blaziny-directed music video shows two women clearly in love with one another. This lifestyle visual shows a loving lesbian relationship, showing what they get up to within a day.

Watch The Alex Parker Music Video “Synchronize” Featuring Alexandra Stan Here:

The video starts off with the girls holding two boxes, labelled ’emotions’. Alexandra Stan sings about “synchronizing our emotions”, so we presume this is exactly what the two girls plan on doing.

We reckon there’s a much bigger narrative set behind this visual. One of the women removes some books from one of the boxes and places them on the shelf; from that, we can presume that they are moving in together; which is a great representation of synchronising emotions.

Their loved up emotions collide completely in this video, and it’s so refreshing to see this lifestyle story that is rarely represented in a music video.

The single is expected to be released in the next few days, more than likely. Until the official single release, we shall be playing this video over and over again.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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