Alexandria falls in mid-season episode of The Walking Dead Tonight

This article may contain spoilers

The mid-season episode which will air tonight shows Alexandria overflowing with walkers and its leader dead.

The teaser for the next episode returning in February, also confirms that Rick’s real problems are just about to begin.

The episode starts on a positive note as Maggie sees balloons rising from outside Alexandria conforming to her that her husband Glenn is still alive.

However, in the same moment the tower outside Alexandria collapses due to the wolves’ attack from one of the previous episodes this season.

This takes down one of the main walls and walkers come flooding in.

Maggie just manages to climb to a look out as walkers grab on to her ankles.

Meanwhile Morgan helps Carol to her feet as she falls and hits her head.

This is when Carol realises Morgan has been keeping a wolf  prisoner in one of the houses. A fight breaks out between the two as Carol wants him dead and Morgan wishes him to stay alive.

The wolf manages to escape during the fight and grabs Carol’s knife. He then takes Denise captive and escapes with her.

Deanna, leader of Alexandria is about to shoot herself as she has been bitten but instead decides to use her last bullets to pick off walkers by shooting them through the head.

The episode ends with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham being stopped in the middle of the road by bikers who demand they hand over all their guns, equipment and the van they are driving.


Written by CelebMix