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SDCC 2018: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Trailer

If you ask fans of pop culture to name one major event they look forward to all year, their response would often be this: San Diego Comic Con. SDCC is the go to hub for anyone who is a fan of anything. From television and film to comics and gaming, there’s something for everyone during the long and immersive weekend.

One of the big pulls for us this year (and most years) is the trailer release for The Walking Dead. The series caught our attention during season 1 and we never turned away, even if there were times we considered it.

We’ve seen many of our favorite characters die untimely and heartbreaking deaths, but the losses recently have been major. So is one coming up in season 9. It’s a game changer, in fact, it’s THE game changer.

The loss of Andrew Lincoln was confirmed just days ago so the thought of his characters absence has been hanging over our heads. What will the series be like without him, without Carl?

A trailer for the series was released moments ago during SDCC and while it may not answer that question, it does give us a glimpse of what’s to come. It also promises, once again, that the road to survival isn’t easy. The choices made will have consequences. The question is, who will take the risks and decide to carry them?

According to Daryl, the risks and those involved…it feels wrong this time around.

‘That small group we had at the beginning, we could do anything, that was right. This…don’t feel right.’


‘Who who were you before all this…and who are you now?’

It looks like season 9 will bring conflict where it’s rarely existed before, and that question…just might give us answers we don’t want to hear.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 7th. For more on The Walking Dead, keep up with our SDCC coverage this weekend.


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