Ally Barron Takes Us On an Outspoken Ride Through her Intense Life Experiences with EP “Sincerely, AB”

Southern California native Ally Barron holds nothing back and shows us how much of a fierce force she truly is in her latest EP Sincerely, AB. With reflective themes of heartache, female bonding and the struggle to move on, her release is so relatable and raw. Listeners are inspired by her refreshing candor and bold assertiveness. This confidence makes her music so addictively infectious.

“What’s Her Number” is a synth-driven single with smooth, syrupy vocals dripping in finesse. The tantalizing track dives into an unfaithful partnership and the immense hurt that arises from that toxic situation. Coming to the profound realization that girls should look out for other girls, the song is all about cautioning women about bad guys and their devious ways.

Then there is “T-Shirt”, a wistful tune that truly shines. With gleaming keys and a charismatic tone, this offering is a definite standout. The song is a narration of lingering emotions from a relationship’s end. Sometimes in the aftermath of a breakup there are keepsakes left behind. Many of us can resonate with the idea that it can be difficult not to cling to those sentimental items. 

Ending with the expressive piece “Thank You” it is the perfect finish to such a stirring body of work. Through a stark backdrop and haunting voice she takes us on a journey of humble sincerity. Valuing her parents, past partners and friends for all the insight they have given her, you really sense that authenticity with each note.

Ally Barron is known for her music that is highly direct and passionate. Teaching herself piano at a young age, she always took pride in perfecting her craft and that is illustrated in her honest compositions. The singer reveals, “All of my songs are things I can’t really say to someone out loud. I’d love to say these things, but I would just never have the courage to! My music lets me express everything I need to say into art, allowing me to talk to someone directly on each track.”

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast