Alma Mater’s “Fading Moon” is a Delicate Piece Providing Solace

Death is a common fear many people grapple with. Where will we go when we pass and what will become of us? Another question that haunts us is what will happen to those we have left behind? Dynamic folk rock duo Alma Mater explores these profound contemplations in their angelic single “Fading Moon”. With soft, breathless vocals gliding over light, feathery soundscapes, it evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth. The recent birth of Andrew Paul Woodworth’s children especially unlocked this worry of dying and leaving his two kids alone. “dFading Moon” is a cathartic way of releasing the burden of those emotions. He confesses, “I was never afraid of dying until I had a child. Fading Moon, on the surface, seems like a love letter to my two baby boys. But, in reality, it’s a means to comfort myself from my overwhelming fear of leaving them behind when I die. When pure and intense love is experienced, there is a level of pain associated with it.”

Alma Mater consists of Dirk Sullivan and Woodworth. The pensive pair is an Oregon folk-rock group that has immersed themselves in the Los Angeles and Oregon music scene. The two joined forces with producer Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols) to construct this wondrous, wistful folk offering. Listen to this soothing tune and get lost in its earthy enchantment and tweet us your thoughts @celebmix



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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer