ALMA parties on her own on sad banger ‘Lonely Night’

Finnish pop powerhouse ALMA has obviously been having a tough time in the world of romance if lastest single ‘Lonely Night’ is anything to go by. Fans won’t mind however if it means the 23-year-old is going to keep on serving up late-night dancefloor fillers like this one. 

“Oh what a lonely night, she said I love you, but not the way you do”, ALMA laments on the single. The latest release ahead of the singer’s highly anticipated debut album, due out September this year, ALMA’s collection of electropop hits is growing rapidly. Ever since debuting with pounding single ‘Karma’ in 2016, tracks such as ‘Dye My Hair’, ‘Chasing Highs’ and ‘Good Vibes’ have all followed as ALMA’s name is shown in bigger and bigger lights. Recently being sought out by none other than Miley Cyrus to co-write two of the American’s latest releases in ‘Mother’s Daughter’ and ‘Cattitude’, the hype around the Finn is widespread.

Coming with a cinematographic music video, the clip for ‘Lonely Night’ sees ALMA team up with Deni Cheng and Tiistai on the visual. “The ‘Lonely Night’ music video was a super important project for me”, the singer elaborates. “I told my story in the song and I wanted someone to make almost like a short movie out of it! I think we did great! My own character in the video is more like my own brain in real life telling me the reality but I always go with my heart at the end of the day! And sometimes we get hurt by it!”

As her full body of work fast approaches, ALMA is taking the time to show she is more than just a voice for dancefloor-fillers. ‘Lonely Night’ will have fans dancing worldwide but is more personal than ever, whilst recent release ‘When I Die‘ showed a darker side to the singer and stripped-back single ‘Summer’ also landed this year.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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