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Swedish Idol Winner Amanda Fondell Gets “Reckless” In New Release

New song, new video, new sound! Amanda Fondell is full of surprises as she gets a little bit “reckless” in her latest video.

Amanda Fondell has achieved quite a lot since winning the Swedish Idol version back in 2011: She released two studio albums, received not only one but three platinum certifications (plus a Golden one), she has created and released an EP, dropped a couple more stand-alone singles and there is no stopping in sight!

Ever since departing her major label contract and releasing music all by herself, the Swedish singer-songwriter has proven her impeccable ear and her talent for creating recognizable pop music over and over again to her fans.

It was only natural that her newest release, titled “Reckless”, would follow suit. The song itself was produced by Anton Göransson and was written by Amanda and Isabella Sjöstrand. It is a surprisingly chill track in comparison to previous releases as she is blending sultry R&B elements into her usual poppy sound, creating a smooth but powerful musical cocktail.

It’s a certified hit!

Speaking about the track, Amanda explains: “’Reckless’ is about a person who is selfish and who lacks any empathy. A conversation where you are being honest and vulnerable, and their only response is “yeah I know exactly what you mean”, when clearly they don’t and they couldn’t care less.

Last week then saw the visual release of her latest offering. The just released video showcases Amanda performing the song under a red light, clouded mysteriously in smoke.

Watch the visuals right here:

You can also listen to the song right here:

“Reckless” is available for purchase, streaming and viewing on the digital platform and retailer of your choice! It was released via Amanda Fondell herself.

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