Give JoJo Some “Mad Love” By Pre-Ordering Her New Album

It’s been a ten years since JoJo has released a full studio album, this is why there is so much hype around “Mad Love”.

She has made this third album over and over and over again, but her record label never released her new music and she ended up taking them to court.

Now under a whole new record label, she is prepared to promote this album in any way possible. Recently she has been teasing fans by releasing snippets and song lyrics of each of the tracks.

With the pre-order, you will get the first single from this album, “F*** Apologies” which features Wiz Khalifa, as well as “Mad Love”.

The second instant grat single is extremely soulful. It really shows off JoJo’s vocal ability, this girl was born to sing. Her falsetto makes this song extremely sweet, it’s full of R&B vibes whilst including various instruments in the background.

The song could easily be given a Christmas remix and it would become a perfect Christmas song, similar to Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You” twisted with her previous song “How To Touch A Girl”.

It’s undeniable how strong her vocals are; can you believe she’s been unable to release music for the past decade? Now she’s back, doing what she loves whilst giving to her fans who have stuck by her all this time.

She has been teasing fans online with snippets and song lyrics from the tracks on her album, take a listen. This album is going to be one of the best albums we’ve heard in the past decade. JoJo has used her time wisely and has poured everything she has got into this third studio album.

Listen to JoJo’s snippets of her new album here:

1. Music

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2. I Can Only (feat. Alessia Cara)

3. F*** Apologies (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

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FUCK APOLOGIES. (feat Wiz Khalifa)

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4. FAB (feat. Remy Ma)

5. Mad Love

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6. Vibe

7. Honest

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8. Like This

9. Edibles

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EDIBLES. (my favorite song)

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10. High Heels

11. I Am

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12. Clovers

13. Reckless

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14. Good Thing

15. Rise Up

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Her album “Mad Love” is available to pre-order right now. You can also pre-order it from JoJo’s online store, where she is selling exclusive bundles and signed copies of the album.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. On 14 October 2016, JoJo will be releasing her third studio album, and if these snippets are anything to go by, it’s going to be awesome!

Let us know your thoughts on “Mad Love”, both the album and the instant grat single, on Twitter @CelebMix. We’ve marked the 14 October on our calendars, have you?

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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