Amba Shepherd Releases The Music Video For “Wide Awake & Dreaming”

Released on 17 February 2017, Amba Shepherd released the music video to her second solo single titled “Wide Awake & Dreaming”.

This follows on from when she released her single, the week before; as well as her exclusive interview with CelebMix, earlier this week. She hinted on the visual of the music video, but nothing could’ve prepared us for this extraordinary journey.

The music video was produced and directed by visual artist Brandon Bolmer. You can check out his other work on his website.

Here Is Amba Shepherd’s Music Video For “Wide Awake & Dreaming”:

In her interview with us, Amba Shepherd had this to say about the music video: “It’s the story of a pianist realising his ambition of becoming the musician he always dreamed he would be; self-actualization if you will. I wanted to do something totally different my aesthetic is atypical for electronic music.”

The music video starts off subtly, as we watch a pianist sit down in front of a piano. As he plays, x’s and o’s rise from the piano like musical notes; merging together to create a world-like sphere. Continuing to play on, the sphere expands before exploding.

The stage the pianist is performing on, rises up and away, into what once was the sphere but instead, is now, an eye; suspiciously like the Big Brother logo. A castle forms around the stage whilst he plays on.

It’s a total journey, watching a pianist rise to his ambition, just like Amba Shepherd said. It relates to the song perfectly because he’s making his dreams come true, he’s wide awake within his dreams, as his dreams are now his reality.

“Wide Awake & Dreaming” is available to download and stream right now. Don’t forget to check out our single review, and our exclusive interview.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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