American Christian band We Are Messengers drop their third studio album ‘Wholehearted’

We are Messengers, are a band with such rowdy and boisterous energy, spreading the message of Jesus throughout their music. The Dove-nominated band fuse pop beats and catchy melodies with an anthemic rock spirit.

The band have recently released their third full-length studio album ‘Wholehearted’. The 12 track record delves into the darkness of being into a global pandemic. Even with the light of god by their side, being trapped in such an isolating world was a difficult and scary time for everyone. ‘Wholehearted’ is an exploration into making sense and finding comfort in everything that was going on. Featuring We Are Messengers’ most recent sacred single ‘Come What May’ as well as their other instantly recognisable hits ‘God You Are’ and ‘Freind Of Sinners’.

Though they currently are an American band, frontman Darren Mulligan originates from Ireland. The band head back to Mulligan’s roots, filming the music videos around the small Irish town he once called home.

Darren Mulligan shares “Like most artists, our world kinda fell apart when touring got shut down. So we did what every good songwriter should do, we catalogued every feeling imaginable and tried to make sense of a strange new world. We danced in the darkness, wrestled with doubt, reconnected with God in a really authentic way, and found the beauty in the forced simplicity of our lives


‘Wholehearted’ is out now.

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