Aminata Has Dropped Her Music Video For New Single “Your Arms”

Aminata hasn’t really stopped since performing on the Eurovision stage in 2015. She has a brand new single, and a great music video to go with it, titled “Your Arms”. The single was previously released on 14 April 2017, so it’s been a long wait for this visual.

It looks like this single is set to be the first released from her third studio album; after she released 2015’s Inner Voice, and 2016’s Red Moon.

The song itself was written solely by Aminata Savadogo; whilst this new music video was directed by Steve Spencer & Lukomsky.

Watch Aminata’s Music Video For “Your Arms” Here:

The video easily relates to the song, with Aminata expressing her love for someone; yet, that person is the reason she feels like she’s on fire and it burns her out.

There are various scenes in the music video; the one with the phone represents her singing the song to her loved one, explaining how she’s feeling. There’s also a scene which sees a bunch of arms and hands in front of her face, interpreting the song literally.

It really works, and Aminata is definitely a star performer and singer. Her voice is impeccable; it’s definitely not an easy song to sing, yet she does it flawlessly along with the performance visual of this music video.

This single follows on from her audition on series five of Golos (The Voice of Russia), where she got as far as the knockouts on Team Polina Gagarina; her coach also competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Polina Gagarina, singing “A Million Voices”, came second for Russia with 303 points, whereas Aminata, singing “Love Injected”, came sixth for Latvia with 186 points.

We can’t wait to see what Aminata releases next. We hope another album is in the works.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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