Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Set To Begin In 2019

Although over eight years have passed since the death of Amy Winehouse, both her fanbase and music lives on throughout the world. For many fans who would do anything to see her perform live again, it has now been announced that a hologram of Amy Winehouse will tour the world beginning in 2019.

Years ago, this would be impossible. Technology is now advanced enough to make the unthinkable happen and this means having some of our favorite stars who have passed away on stage again. Although Winehouse physically will not be there, mostly because it is impossible, this experience will be the closest thing to her “performing” again.

The show has been estimated to last anywhere from 75-110 minutes and include some of Winehouse’s most famous songs. These tracks will be remastered versions of the original songs. The concert itself will include live band and backing singers to accompany the late singer’s hologram.

While both the general public and Winehouse’s fanbase have mixed feelings on this subject, Mitch Winehouse (father of Amy) believes this is a brilliant idea and was almost speechless when asked about the tour.

“To see her perform again is something special that really can’t be put into words. Our daughter’s music touched the lives of millions of people and it means everything that her legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way,” Mitch Winehouse said.

The proceeds from this future tour will go towards the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The idea is that this tour will also raise awareness about drug/alcohol abuse and the foundation itself. This charity helps to guide young men and women in need through music.

Mitch Winehouse looks forward to this tour and stated that one of its purposes is “to continue celebrating the life and work of Amy.”

This tour is being produced and created by Base Hologram and will be their third project similar to this one.

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Written by Alessandra

Alessandra is a music journalist from New York who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. She has interviewed artists such as Alesso, Surf Mesa, and Neon Trees.