Annoying things said by The X Factor contestants

I’m singing for my life. I’ve heard this or variations of this said a few times now and found myself shouting at the TV screen. While I’m sure this is your dream and it means so much to you, I doubt you are actually singing for your life. It’s not the musical alternative to The Hunger Games and not making it on the show just means going back to your normal life not having it ended prematurely by a hitman hired by Simon Cowell.

I’m the best/There’s nobody else like me. This is usually said during the auditions or while pleading with the judges/voting audience etc. With the amount of acts there have been on X Factor over the years it’s extremely rare for someone to come along who can legitimately say they are the best and one of a kind. While it’s great to have confidence there’s a fine line between this and arrogance.

I’ve given up my job to do this. Why would anyone do that? Sure, when if you get to the live shows then it might be the only option, but why would anyone quit their job after just getting through the first audition? That’s what paid or even unpaid holiday is for, if you want to pursue singing so badly. It’s a little bit unfair to try and put the judges under pressure by saying your quit your job when you didn’t have to.

You haven’t seen the best of me yet. Who enters any kind of competition for something they claim to want more than anything and then doesn’t show the best of themselves? If you want singing to be your career then the auditions are like your interviews. You wouldn’t go to a job interview, not do well, then on receiving the phone call informing you that you were unsuccessful ask for another chance because you weren’t at your best that day.

Written by CelebMix