Another month, another K-POP group: Introducing G I-DLE
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On the second of May, a new K-POP girl group with the name G I-DLE debuted. The group contains six members from ages 17 to 20. Their names are:

Miyeon, age 20, the main vocalist, born in Korea
Minnie, age 20, the lead vocalist who is from Taiwan,
Soojin, age 19, the head raper, with Korean nationality,
Soyeon, age 19, the leader of the group, also Korean,
Yuqi, age 18, the lead vocalist and dancer, born in Beijing, China and
Shuhua, age 17, who is the maknae, visual and vocalist and she is Taiwanese.

Without an exception, each member has stunning visuals, slim bodies, nice vocals and, of course, they all can dance pretty well. Now that the introduction has ended let’s proceed with the Music Video.

The title is “LATATA”, and the video clip contains colourful scenery, sexy clothing and close-ups of the members so that the audience can become more familiar with them. Even though the story behind the video is difficult to follow and it can be said that it may have some dark concepts behind it, the rhythm of the music makes the listener want to dance and sing along. That, of course, is a pron when it comes to a newly formed group.
Since its release, the music video has almost one and a half million views and 114 thousand likes. All of the above makes the debut a success.

Following the music video, the group has released their first album called “I AM”. Inside the album can be found five more songs each one with a different tone. What all of their songs have in common is that when you finish listening to them, they… stuck to your head and you find yourself humming the melody on your own and that is another advantage.

To sum up, their debut has been a success so far, the group itself has six stunning young women whose voices match each other, their songs are fun to listen to and the chemistry between the members seems to be ok. From all the above G I-DLE has everything that is needed to succeed in the K-POP industry in the long run.

But what do you think about this? Do you believe that they will become “big”? After watching their MV tell us your opinion on our twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Myrto

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