Anthony Horowitz drama to premiere on BBC iPlayer

Anthony Horowitz’s new BBC drama will premiere on the iPlayer before a TV transmission.

The new seven-part investigative drama, titled New Blood, will be the first prime time drama series to premiere online before a traditional television screening.

New Blood is a bold and surprising crime series, which sets out to show a unique side of modern London through the eyes of two outsiders, Stefan and Rash, junior investigators for the Serious Fraud Office and the police, who are brought together by two seemingly unrelated cases.

Anthony Horowitz, who wrote the book the series was based on, said: “We have to recognise that young people don’t watch TV the way we did, and it’s very much in the spirit of New Blood that the show will premiere on iPlayer.

“I couldn’t be happier that we’re going to be ‘out there’ on demand – it’s a great way to launch a show which is very much about the younger generation – before we settle into our seven-week, 9pm slot.”

New Blood is expected to premiere later in the year. We’re ready!


Written by CelebMix