Antonia in a hotel elevator during a takeover performance at InterContinental, wearing just a mustard-yellow suit jacket.

Antonia Takes Over InterContinental Bucharest Hotel Lounge And Sings New Song “Hotel Lounge”

You definitely read that right, Antonia took over the InterContinental Bucharest hotel lounge to perform her recently released single “Hotel Lounge“. She brought a bunch of dancers with her and there were plenty of surprised faces from hotel guests who were clearly unaware of what was going to happen.

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is a Romanian female artist who first found international fame when she collaborated with Tom Boxer on the single “Morena”. She’s come a long way since then with her having a solo number one in her home country back in 2013 with “Marabou” and going on to collaborate with the likes of INNA, Carla’s Dreams, Jay Sean, and Connect-R. Recently, she’s had a hit with “Iubirea mea” which included uncredited vocals from her real-life partner, Alex Velea. Most recently, they teamed up a second time on the song “Sahara” which was also a collaboration with Lino Golden.

This song is her most recently released solo single which has received critical acclaim – it’s certainly one we can’t get out of our heads hence why it was a part of our longlist for CelebMix’s Summer Awards 2018. “Hotel Lounge” was written by PJ, Marco & Seba, David Ciente, and Antonia Iacobescu.

This video sees Antonia and a group of dancers strut their way into InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest singing her song “Hotel Lounge“. She’s wearing a pale sun-yellow jacket that definitely is revealing – nothing new there from Antonia – and some black trousers, her hair is styled in a ponytail. Her dancers knock out some incredible choreography whilst Antonia stays composed, occasionally joining in with some of the dancing.

The guests at the hotel are full of shock and surprise as Antonia uses the large hotel lounge to her advantage. Her vocals are also on-point from start to finish, with her knocking them out of the hotel for the third and final verse!

Watch Antonia Sing “Hotel Lounge” At InterContinental Bucharest Hotel Lounge Here:

Hotel Lounge” is available to download and stream right now, through Global Records. If you’ve got the time, check out our review of the song.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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