Antonia Releases “Iubirea Mea” Music Video

Antonia has finally dropped her follow-up to “Dor de tine” and it’s another amazing Romanian-language song. “Iubirea Mea” translates as “My Love” and is a gorgeous track that totally melts in this summer heat.

Khaled Mokhtar acted as the director; while the song itself was written by Andrei Banica, Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, and Theea-Eliza-Ioana Miculescu.

In a surprise twist, Antonia’s love interest in the music video, singer and musician Alex Velea, takes on a verse. This adds a new side to this enchanting song. It’s endearing to see them together in the visual since they are a real-life couple.

Watch The Music Video For Antonia’s New Single “Iubirea Mea” Here:

Another pure performance piece from this Romanian female singer; she effortlessly displays her attractiveness, clearly using her skills from her previous modelling career to fully ooze sex appeal. Filmed on a beach, Antonia and Alex Velea, are sultry and alluring; clearly comfortable throughout, managing to give us an insight into their relationship. They certainly are couple goals, and they obviously love each other more than words can say.

Although there aren’t many scenes in this visual, Antonia totally works with the net, bringing glamour in every way. As for the song, “Iubirea Mea”, is filled with passion throughout; the vocals are total perfection, managing to convey all the emotions this song needs. In addition to Antonia’s beautiful voice, we’re glad to see her lover, Alex Velea, singing a verse; we sure hope to see a future collaboration between this stunning couple.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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