SDCC 2017: Arrow Season 6 Trailer Released

Arrow’s season finale left us all on the edge of our seats, unsure and anticipating what will come next on the show. Will Oliver’s friends all be dead when the island goes up in flames? Was all that really worth it so Oliver could save his son? All was unknown. However, thanks to the new Arrow trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2017, we have some form of an idea of what’s to come.

The trailer is filled with suspense among other things, the first half is used in a way of recapping us of how season 6 finished before giving us any form of a new information. What it does show is that Laurel, Slade and Dinah are alive and by Oliver’s side. It also shows that despite everything that happened, Oliver is continuing to be the Green Arrow and fighting for his city.

The trailer also leaves so many questions unanswered, for example, where are the rest of Oliver’s friends? Did they actually make it off the island? We don’t know, but we’ll be sure to find out on October 12th, when Arrow premieres on The CW.

Watch the season 6 trailer for yourself below:


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Written by CelebMix