ARTIST 101: Balkanika

Balkanika will represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about Serbia’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Balkanika.

Who are Balkanika?

Balkanika is a Serbian group formed by Sanja Ilic in 1998. They will represent Serbia alongside the group’s founder in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, which is to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. They will perform their entry, ‘Nova Deca’ which translates to ‘New Generation’ in English. The Serbian group consists of 11 members altogether, ranging from vocals to percussion to composer.

The groups mission is ‘to preserve, revitalise and modernise Serbian medieval and byzantine music traditions’, in the words of Sanja Ilic. The single’s message is all about change and how we can hope for the ‘new generation’ (children and young adults) can make the world a better place for their future selves.

When are their birthdays?

Sanja Ilic – 27th March 1951
Aleksandar Radulovic – Unknown
Branimir Markovic – Unknown
Nevena Stamenkovic – 11th April
Ljubomir Dimitrijevic – Unknown
Danica Krstic – 25th November 1995
Marija Bjelanovic – Unknown
Milan Jejina – Unknown
Mladen Lukic – Unknown
Nebojša Nedeljkovic – Unknown
Nemanja Kojic – 17th December 1975

What is their most popular song?

There is no doubt their 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entry, ‘Nova Deca‘ is their most popular song due to receiving further European exposure as they will perform it in Lisbon for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

What are their social media handles?


Twitter (Balkanika don’t have Twitter, but there are regular updates on Serbia’s official Eurovision account)


You can watch a live performance of Balkanika’s entry, ‘Nova Deca‘ below:

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