Artist 101: DNCE

Your go-to guide for everything you need to know about DNCE!

Who are the band members?

JinJoo Lee:

Artist 101: DNCE 1

Joe Jonas:

Artist 101: DNCE 2

Jack Lawless:

Artist 101: DNCE 3

Cole Whittle:

Artist 101: DNCE 1

When are their birthdays? JinJoo was born on 15th November 1987, Joe was born on 15th August 1989, Jack was born on 20th September 1987, and Cole was born on 22nd February 1982.

What is their most popular song? Cake By The Ocean (It’s stuck in your head now, right?)

What else do I need to know about DNCE? Band member Joe Jonas is probably better known for being in a band with two of his brothers called, the Jonas Brothers. They broke up in 2013 and after a few months off, Joe decided that he wanted to form another band. He called his long-time friends Jack and JinJoo up and asked them to join him, and then he met Cole through a mutual friend. Just like that, the band was born and they released their chart-topping hit, “Cake By The Ocean,” in the fall of 2015. They have been stealing hearts and becoming everyone’s favourite band ever since.

Fun fact: If you were a Jonas Brothers fan back in the day, you might recognise Jack Lawless as he was a drummer for the band from early 2007.

What are their social media links?

DNCE: Twitter: @DNCE, Instagram: @DNCE, Snapchat: dnce

JinJoo Lee: Twitter: @jinjoomusic, Instagram: @jinjootheguitargirl, Snapchat: jinjoobaby

Joe Jonas: Twitter: @joejonas, Instagram: @joejonas, Snapchat: joseadam

Jack Lawless: Twitter: @JackLawless, Instagram: @jacklawless, Snapchat: jacklawless

Cole Whittle: Twitter: @colewhittle, Instagram: @colewhittle, Snapchat: poonstone22

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