Artist 101: Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is an indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota. The band has, however, gained increasing attention within the last year, especially since the release of their debut album, Landmark.

With eclectic songs, Hippo Campus have proven that “indie rock” is a broad-enough category for people to make significant impacts to the genre. Focusing on their music, Hippo Campus manages to make their audience feel nostalgic, excited, and powerful. Their ability to make songs that continuously invoke these emotions is not an easy feat. Their 2017 EP, warm glow, is a perfect example of what fans feel when they’re listening.

So let’s get some basic info out of the way.

Who are the members?

Jake Luppen — Vocals, Guitar

Nathan Stocker — Guitar, Vocals

Zach Sutton — Bass

Whistler Allen — Drums

DeCarlo Jackson — Trumpet

What songs are they best known for?

Their music is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Their live stuff is to die for — their live version of songs are definitely worth listening to (on repeat, forever).

Anything else I should know about Hippo Campus?

Yes! Their “Landmark Tour” starts the North American leg on the 26 of October. They’ll be hitting several cities, check them out here.

What’s their social media?

Band: Twitter, Instagram

Jake: Twitter

Nathan: Twitter

Zach: Twitter, Instagram

Whistler: Twitter, Instagram

DeCarlo: Twitter, Instagram

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