Artist 101: MARUV

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about the almost Eurovision 2019 Ukrainian act, MARUV. Unfortunately, there were contract issues and they couldn’t come to an agreement.

When is her birthday?

MARUV’s birthday is 15 February 1992.

What is her most popular song?

Her most popular song, to date, is “Siren Song” which was chosen as the track to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, however, MARUV and the broadcaster UA:PBC couldn’t agree on contract conditions, with the initial contract being described as “controlling”.

What else should I know about MARUV?

Real name Anna Korsun, she was born in Pavlohrad, Ukraine. MARUV was originally a three-piece band and previously performed under the name PRINGLEZ. She first gained success in 2014 on the fourth season of Holos Krainy (which means “The Voice Of The Country” which is Ukraine’s version of The Voice), where she was on Sergey Lazarev’s team and made it to the final as the second runner-up – quick note: If MARUV had gone on to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, she would’ve been competing against her former mentor, Sergey Lazarev, who represented Russia with the song “Scream”.

Under the name PRINGLEZ, they participated in the New Wave festival in 2015, coming third. They then attempted to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the song “Easy To Love”, but they only came fifth in the semi-final of the national selection show.

They soon changed their name to MARUV as they headed down a different musical direction and soon Anna Korsun started using the name as her solo project. Under this name, a mini-album was dropped, titled Stories, which contained seven tracks in three different languages – Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Towards the end of 2017, Anna Korsun appeared on the eighth season of the Ukrainian version of the X-Factor, where she was eliminated just before the live shows.

She later collaborated a number of times with BOOSIN, creating a whole new project that charted in different countries – “Drunk Groove” even hit number one in Russia, whilst peaking in the top ten in Ukraine and Poland. MARUV then went on to release her second studio album, titled Black Water, in 2018. It wasn’t long until she took part in Ukraine’s national selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, titled Vidbir 2019. She went on to win the show even though it received a lot of controversy for many different reasons, but the worst was clearly to come when MARUV was given her contract; she had problems with many of the clauses and refused to sign. This led to the broadcaster and MARUV discussing the contract, at length, without coming to an agreement; and so, unfortunately, Ukraine withdrew from the competition and MARUV with her song “Siren Song” didn’t represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

What are her social media links?

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