Artist 101: Jenifer Brening

This guide contains everything you need to know about German singer Jenifer Brening.

When is her birthday?

15 December 1996

What is her most popular song?

“Who We Are”

What else should I know about Jenifer Brening?

Jenifer Brening started off as a YouTube star, covering some big names on the video sharing platform, gaining quite the following. She went on to become a contestant on the first and only season of German talent show The Winner Is… where she reached the finals, coming in third/fourth. After the show, she released her debut single “Not That Guy”.

She next appeared on the eleventh season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (the German version of Idol). She didn’t do so well and later went on to release more singles. In 2016, she dropped her debut album, titled “Recovery”.

A friend of hers enrolled her in San Marino’s national selection show to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, 1in360. She put forward three entries, two solo tracks “Sorry” and “Until The Morning Light”, and a featured track on Jessika’s song “Who We Are”. All contestants were sent to a songwriting camp and were encouraged to form teams, hence why some of the songs were performed by different people throughout the show. Jenifer Brening went on to win the show as a featured star on Jessika’s “Who We Are”. She will be representing San Marino, who haven’t had the best of luck in the contest to date, but can Jessika and Jenifer Brening turn it around for them?

What are her social media links?

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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